Monday, June 8, 2009

What's on My Design Wall 6-8

I've added two of the borders to the top. I still have a 4 1/2" black border to add to the outside of this. My design wall isn't quite tall enough for this top, and it wasn't wide enough so I added a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth this morning.

I only worked on this a bit. This weekend was my birthday, so I was busy and didn't get much done. My hubby is leaving on a trip to Europe today, so we ran lots of errands yesterday. Today is my last day of work, so staring tomorrow I hope to be disciplined and get lots of stuff done, not only with my quilting, but around the house too. I have a list!

I got a pedicure with my best friend on Saturday, then I went to a party for all those going to Europe (it's a church group thing). Oh, in there, I also did some shopping. My hubby told me to buy some fabric for my b'day, and I did.

I got these. I don't use orange much, but decided I love Judy Laquidara's Peaches and Dreams quilt so much that I'm going to make one. Normally I would have used cool colors (blues, teals, purples) but I wanted to try something outside the box. I also bought a bunch of springy batiks and a book for strip-pieced quilts. I really loved a couple of the patterns, and since it was my birthday present, decided to add it to the mix.

Hope you had a great weekend.



call me crazy said...

Happy belated birthday Mary! Looks like you got some great gifts! ;-)) Your BBlooms is looking good!~ I found mine, but haven't taken a pic yet~ hopefully later today. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

Donna said...

Very pretty fabrics! Sounds like you had a great birthday.

Lindi said...

Happy belated birthday, Mary! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend for it.

Love the new fabrics. And the quilt is coming on very nicely.

SarahVee said...

Happy belated birthday! I love your butterfly quilt. You picked out some great fabrics too:)

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Dolores said...

Hi Mary,
Happy belated birthday. Looks like you did good in the stash enhancing. Thanks for the link to the Peaches and Dreams quilt. I think it would look good in a number of different colours but the orange and peach do look nice.


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