Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quilt Tote

Here is the finished tote. It's pretty big, about 25 inches wide and 22 tall. The bottom is 8 inches wide, so it will be able to hold a large size quilt pretty easily. It was very easy to make though I had to make some adjustments because of the width of fabric I had left after making two shopping totes from the panel.

I lined the inside with the blue fabric, and have a 5/8 inch dowel that I cut in half for the handles. I have to either sew the ends of the casing for the handle closed or use some other kind of less permanent closure because the dowels will fall out every time I put the thing down.

Next...I think it's time to quilt something again.



Allie said...

Wonderful! So very summery and vibrant. Great job! My stripes would've come out on the diagonal, lol.

call me crazy said...

Looks great Mary! I love the stripes! :)


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