Friday, June 19, 2009

Paper Piecing...I hate it

Here is a block I made from this project. It was completed sometime before 2003. I don't think I used paper piecing, but I may have. The bits don't even match. Yuck!

There is a project I have all the fabric's set aside with the pattern. I really like the colors, so I thought I would bring it out again and see about working on it. I read a bunch of blogs, one jovaliquilts mentioned a class by Cynthia England and her paper pieceing technique. I looked at the website and viewed a couple of videos on her technique. It looked doable to me, so I decided to try it with the pattern I have waiting to be made. No go. I probably just need to practice so I can do a good job, but the trouble it takes to do paper piecing (for me) is not worth it. The quilts made by Cynthia England are amazing, and many paper piecing quilts I have seen are amazing, but I just don't have the gumption to do it least not without someone working with me.

Maybe if I took a class I could do it. I've pieced a couple of things through paper and hated taking off the paper afterwards. All those little bits that get caught in the seams. And then I've tried a couple of different freezer paper methods (this last one uses freezer paper) but didn't have much success there either.

So, I'm making some shopping totes instead. Instant gratification! I bought the striped fabric at Walmart. It is actually curtain panels. When I figured out the cost per yard it is only $4 per yard and I REALLY like it. The blue is from my stash...long ago. It is a polyester, so I don't want to use it in a quilt or on a back, but it will be great for lining for the totes. The striped fabric is a twill, a nice weight for shopping totes and together they make me happy.



Dolores said...

Nice fabric for the totes. I too am taking a break and making a tote. Too bad about the paper piecing. I do paper piece a bit but am not overly fond of it.

Sherry said...

I hate it too! Anything that comes that close to making me "lose my religion," well, it's just not worth it! ;o)

Joyce said...

I'm with you on that one. I've tried paper piecing a few times and hated it too. I don't like all the little scraps either and I also don't like knowing exactly how it will look when it's done. I prefer a bit more creativity.

Allie said...

I hate it too - I'd MUCH rather applique. Love the fabric for the totes!

call me crazy said...

I don't mind paper-piecing. I found some papers that rip out really well, and the 'Carol Doak' method works great! (folding the paper before sewing) I wonder if your pattern could be converted to regular piecing? I think it would work as well, but might use a bit more fabric than normal. I love a challenge! :) ;)


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