2012 UFO Challenge Finishes

Here is the first UFO of the year completed. It wasn't the first one chosen by Judy, but it was already pinned and waiting for quilting so I thought I'd go with it. This one was number 6 and it is done. I am 8.3% completed with the challenge.

Here is number two finished, the actual one that was picked. Both of these have already left the house and are on their way to the recipients.

The top one to my Uncle/cousin/relative (it's complicated) who just had a good friend who died, so a comfort quilt. The second one to Alycia for a QOV.

Here is the third UFO complete for Judy's challenge. I actually finished it on the first of April instead of the last day of March, but I'm still counting it done for March. Joe really like this one so it is sitting in his office ready for him to use when he's cold. He doesn't do that much, but maybe if it's there he will.

Number four is this one. It is baby size and has a royal blue fleece for the batting/backing. I don't have a recipient yet, but I'll find someone who needs it. I always do.


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