Sunday, August 31, 2008

Started the Ceiling

Well, we finally started on the ceiling tiles. There was much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth before we got the first tile up, but now we're OK. That's pretty much how we work when we're starting something neither of us has done before. We think VERY differently so trying to communicate unknows can sometimes be loud, but once we get going--we're good. I like the look of the tile. There are a few blips already, but you know what, I'm not a perfectionist, so we will continue and "call it good". If you want to see the design on the ceiling you might be able to with a click on the picture. Maybe we'll be done tomorrow--oh, except for the molding, well, and the floor!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back and working on the walls

Here's what I decided to do on the wall. We didn't (mostly me) do such a professional job on the drywall joints and you could see where they were because of the way the light comes is, so I decided to try to downplay them by painting stripes. I like them a lot, but I'm going to live with them a bit before I decide they don't need to be toned down. I played with the contrast and brightness of this picture and I got it just about right, but we'll see.

I had a very enlightening time learning about blind technology in Portland last week. Lots of good stuff. The other participants were pretty fun. We stayed in a "cottage" (read dorm) on campus. Actually quite nice. Back to work tomorrow. I may paper the other wall, or it may wait just one more day.

I'm trying to learn how to make a simple relational database for my recipes--I know, not enough to do yet. I downloaded OpenOffice--any suggestions for a good tutorial? If I find one I'll post the link.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sewing room work

Well, I've finished papering one wall in the sewing room. Just one more to go. Because I am papering on unfinished drywall, I had to seal it so that if/when we decide to take the paper off it won't pull the paper from the drywall. The first picture is of the sealed drywall, see how shiny it is. The second is of the wallpaper. It's not very exciting in this picture, or really in person. It just has some texture that will be painted over. I am going to Washington state for a conference next week, so won't be saying much.

Have a great week.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Down to the Finish Work

Yeah, all the uppers are in and we just have the finish work to do. We are going to put wood all around the window well, so you don't see the seams, and then have to put molding on the fronts of all the cupboards.



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Progress today-not quilting

Here is the further progress I made. I put the doors on the lower cabinet, they still need to be painted. I started the upper right cabinet, but haven't quite finished it. It needs to be painted, and I still need to figure out exactly how I am going to attach it above the window. I think I'm going to be using some metal brackets to support it from below, as well as using a hanging rail and screw it into the studs.

The two boxes are going to the left of the larger set. Since the ceiling slopes, I can't go all the way across the built in with the same size box, so I made them gradually smaller. They will be easy to hang I think, not nearly as heavy as the large set. The larger set is 84" long and 16" high and made out of 3/4" plywood--pretty hefty. I hope I will be able to paint it tomorrow and maybe even get it hung this week sometime. I'm avoiding the sewing room walls because they have to either be textured (we would spray it ourselves, but it's very messy) or I'm going to get some textured wallpaper and paint that. I have to decide; mess or expense??


We're getting closer

Here is the whole built in so far. The unit on the right will have glass shelves and lighting. I think we'll use rope lighting and a glass door as well, so I won't have to dust so much. The left unit will have shelves for books. Above the unit you see part of the wall is a light color--there will be boxes up there as well. Those will be for knickknacks. I have a really cool dragonfly teapot the the hubby bought for me while we were in Germany, and other stuff as well. I don't know what yet. I think this is looking fine though. There were moments when there were tears, but all is well now!

Here is the lower unit. I put the shelves in this morning. Not as hard as I thought it would be. These are going to be for paperbacks. I have doors that will slide in front, so you won't see the books. The front edges of the shelves (in fact every piece of wood) is still unpainted wood. It will be covered by molding then painted white. It is plywood, so not so beautiful, but it's strong.

Still no sewing, but soon I hope, soon.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

No bon-bons

Here is the progress in the sewing room--one coat of mud on the walls.

One side of the built ins--see all the holes, we bought a cheap drill press to drill those for the adjustable shelves.

Other side cupboard, this one will have glass shelves and ropes lights to show off my kaleidoscope collection.

And what the other side of the nook looks like--and that's not even all the tools!

You thought I was sitting around eating bon-bons, right? I haven't been doing any sewing, but I have been working on the sewing room and the built it shelves around the bedroom nook. It looks much easier in all those do it yourself shows on TV. Cut the wood, nail it together, and then voila! a new built in. HA! They leave out the sweating, and the re-cutting (because you didn't measure right) and the yelling and the not quilt level holes for the shelves, and the other piece of bead-board because you don't know where the opening for the outlet should really go and the occasional swearing. And the progress you see above is after about 4-5 hours of preparing the wood--sanding and priming and painting, and then the 2 hours of hole drilling and the hour of putting together. Between the two uprights will be a low storage unit with sliding door and one fixed shelf. And above the window, some more boxes for more whatnots--hopefully with light too.

I think it will be wonderful when it's done, but it will be a while because back to work for me tomorrow, darn.



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