Sunday, August 3, 2008

No bon-bons

Here is the progress in the sewing room--one coat of mud on the walls.

One side of the built ins--see all the holes, we bought a cheap drill press to drill those for the adjustable shelves.

Other side cupboard, this one will have glass shelves and ropes lights to show off my kaleidoscope collection.

And what the other side of the nook looks like--and that's not even all the tools!

You thought I was sitting around eating bon-bons, right? I haven't been doing any sewing, but I have been working on the sewing room and the built it shelves around the bedroom nook. It looks much easier in all those do it yourself shows on TV. Cut the wood, nail it together, and then voila! a new built in. HA! They leave out the sweating, and the re-cutting (because you didn't measure right) and the yelling and the not quilt level holes for the shelves, and the other piece of bead-board because you don't know where the opening for the outlet should really go and the occasional swearing. And the progress you see above is after about 4-5 hours of preparing the wood--sanding and priming and painting, and then the 2 hours of hole drilling and the hour of putting together. Between the two uprights will be a low storage unit with sliding door and one fixed shelf. And above the window, some more boxes for more whatnots--hopefully with light too.

I think it will be wonderful when it's done, but it will be a while because back to work for me tomorrow, darn.



Marilyn said...

I admire your abilities. Just keep telling yourself, "It will all be worth it when it's all done."

Lindi said...

What a fabulous sewing room it will be! I'm quite envious. Please post a photo of your kaleidoscope shelves once they're set up. With lights on of course. I have a small collection of kaleidoscopes too and have always loved them.
(Found your blog from Marilyn's)

Diana said...

Way cool Mary! It's fun to see the progress and changes you've made.
You are remarkable!

Diana said...

Very nice Mary! I'm trying to figure this blog thing out. Kinda fun!
Your favorite
"Whackadoodle" (aka Diana)


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