Finished Projects

I'll be posting pictures of completed projects on this page as I complete them. 

Here is the first: shopping bags. I know it's not the new year, but they are done, so I'm posting them! Finished 12-30-10  I made two more of these sometime after the 30th and before the 29th. I forgot to put pictures of them here.
Number 2 finished 1/29/11. This was a UFO. I had the center spirals done, but had to piece the border then quilt it. The quilting is in the black 1/4" away from the colored spirals. In the borders I just did a zigzag in the black squares. I used the yellow to purple fabric that is in the checkerboard for the binding. I had some checkered fabric in my stash that I used for the backing. 
Finished in early February, 2011 and donated to the guild. Simple quilting around the colored blocks and self bound with the fleece pulled to the front.
Finished February 21, 2011 and sent for my niece's shower. The backing is fleece (a light blue) and then bound with purple batik that I dyed.
Finished February 25, 2011. The backing is black fleece and self bound with the fleece pulled to the front. I think this will be a guild donation as well.
UFO #1 is done. I have it all ready to go...wait I still need to add the label. Since it is bound with the back pulled to the front, I'll just have to sew a label on the back.
Daniel's quilt is done and delivered. He came home to Colorado from his rehab in San Diego for a couple of weeks, so I finished it and brought it to the airport to deliver. I didn't give it to him directly, but to his mom. Hope he likes it. 
I probably shouldn't call this done yet, but I only have the binding and label left, then it will be completely finished. Have no idea who it is for, but it will come to me. Hah, it's done now. I got the binding done 6 April 2011.

1 Oct 2011--I'm going to go through my blog and add some more finished items here...probably won't be in order of completion, but this is more for me than goes 

OK, this is  a QOV I just finished. I even have a label and pillowcase to put it in. It was quilted by a long arm quilter who did a beautiful job.

 This one also just got done, with label and pillowcase. They're going to my friend soon so she can present them.

These were finished a while ago. I don't know why I enjoy making these cord bowls so much, but I do.

A professional bag. It's a fiddly pattern, but looks great when it's done. 
 Jeans "buckets" for the guild auction.

I finished the banner--YAY. It's now hanging at church and looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.
This was a quick finish. I've already quilted it and it is ready to go to the guild for a donation.

I didn't take a full size picture of this one but it is also completed and ready to go. 
2012 Projects:

Finished this for Judy's UFO challenge--except it was the wrong quilt... (January 13, 2012)

So, I finished this one, which was the right one for the challenge. (January 16, 2012)

I started and finished this in January, 2012. That feels pretty good.

Here is number five for 2012. This top was finished in 2009, so three years to finish.


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