Friday, June 12, 2009

It’s not Midnight Yet


Yay me! All of the face molding is on…well except one piece I overlooked (it’s in the photo below). I saw it after I had drained the compressor and put the brad nailer away, so it will have to wait till tomorrow. I had one piece of molding that was thinner than the others. We cut it ourselves (well Joe did) from lumber, much cheaper than buying molding. Anyway, one piece was thinner, so I figured out I wouldn’t need it and didn’t put the first coat of paint on it. I was wrong. So you can see in the picture in the upper left—wood colored molding.

Tomorrow nail the last piece in place, put caulk in all the spaces and then paint, ugh.


No Kaleena, I’m not even close to having the house finished.



Kaleena said...


Debby said...

You and Joe did a nice job. So much room for storage. Are you going to have a light on the side with the glass shelves?


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