Monday, June 15, 2009

What’s on My Design Wall 6-15

empty dw Pretty boring, just a bunch of black thread from the butterfly blooms top that I haven’t cleaned off yet. The next project is a cover for the headboard. It shouldn’t take too long. I’m keeping it simple because the duvet cover is pretty complex.

Here are the fabrics I found to use in it. I like all of them, and they go well in the room. As I make some progress I’ll post some pictures.headboard fabric

Here are the blocks. Now I just have to make the sashing that goes between and around.



CELIA said...

I have already started in patchwork and i love it i saw your blog and is very great i am from spain and need some ideas for a bedroom wall quilt for my doughter who is 21 years can you help me ???? Thanks a lot

Mary said...

Celia, I would look online at pictures for ideas. You can search on google images to see different quilts. Choose one you think your daughter would like. Start with squares and rectangles. They are easiest to make right.

Good Luck


Celia, me vería en línea en los cuadros de las ideas. Usted puede buscar en las imágenes de Google para ver edredones diferentes. Elija uno piensa que su hija le gustaría. Comience con cuadrados y rectángulos. Son más fáciles de hacer la derecha.

Buena suerte a Mary


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