Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tah and Dah! UFO #10

Do you see that? Do you see that top over there? Do you know how many pieces that top has in it? Neither do I, but it's a LOT.

The best thing about it, the VERY best thing about it? IT IS DONE.

I can't say that I like it, but it is finished. You know tha saying, finished is better than perfect? In this case, finished is better than anything. I am going to put some sort of border around the top, probably a black border and then I can really call it done.

Do you see how many capital letters I have in this post? That is because there is no other way to show how delighted I am that I won't have to do any more work on this. There are so many freaking intersections that the only way I could possible quilt it across somehow. I'll figure it out so it can be out of my house.

It's 46 x 57, so two-thousand six-hundred and twenty-two inches of DONE.    YIPPEE!


Debby said...

Since you're so experienced with this pattern, I think you should make another one!! Really, it's a very nice looking quilt, and I think that you're probably glad you got it DONE.

Chris said...

Oh my a Totally tubular quilt! I think you have to have an engineering degree to make one of those tops. Congratulations on your finish!

Ann Marie said...

YIPPEEEEE!!! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I knew you could do it, and it looks fabulous!!!! I knew you could do it. Congrats!!!!!!!

Wordfiend said...

Done like dinner. Sometimes that's just the most satisfying thing about a project.

Paul said...

Mary, that is an amazing piece of work! Nicely done, but honestly, was there any doubt? I think NOT! Love you - Paul


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