Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Revelation

OK, I'll just start by admitting that I like home made chocolate chip cookies, light on the chips and heavy on the walnuts. I read some cooking blogs, and I remember reading about cookies made with browned butter. I was sitting here sewing, and my mind wanders into many and varied places, today it went to chocolate chip cookies. I made one big cookie last week for Sunday school class, so that didn't sound so exciting, but then I started thinking about those browned butter cookies. I'm pretty easily distracted, and the computer is right there next to the sewing machine, so I often stop to look something up that's flitted through my brain. Well, I started looking for the recipe that I read about that had gotten into my brain. Couldn't find it, but found many others. Most called for using dark brown sugar and I don't have any.

I kept looking, and came across a chocolate chip recipe that used browned butter. I decided that's what I wanted, but then I got to thinking that I have a good recipe already, why not just substitute the butter with browned butter.

So I did.

Oh my...I can't really say why they are so delicious. why that little change in the flavor of the butter makes such a difference, but it did. They are quite good, and interestingly enough, the texture is slightly softer, chewier and good.

If you have the need to try something a bit different  with your standby cookie recipe, try browning the butter. I did it in the microwave and it worked just fine. I didn't have to stand at the stove for 20 minutes (which is what one recipe said to do). Just be sure to use a large bowl (about 4 cups if you are going to brown a cup of butter) because as the water evaporates it foams up, a lot.

I'll be taking these to work, so that all the calories don't end up in me...I often share the calories!

Happy Sunday.

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Allie said...

I have never heard of that - I'll have to let dh know, he's the baker in the family! Oh they look so good...


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