Wednesday, April 8, 2009 finish

I visited Tallgrass Prarie Studio and saw that she is going to work on finishing some WIP before the end of April. I certainly have some to finish--so I put the button on my blog. I have (lookingn around the room):
  • the oriental tiles quilt that needs binding and some more flowers quilted
  • the second aloha shirt for my hubby
  • the spin cycle quilt top I just finished needs to be quilted
  • the hydrangea 4-path top I just finished needs to be quilted
  • the other aloha shirt that's been waiting since before Christmas
  • pillowcase bags
Of those, I am going to finish the oriental tiles, the shirts and the pillowcase bags. I'm going to try to sandwich and pin either the spin cycle or the hydrangea 4-patch. If I get those things done I will be a happy camper


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