Friday, April 10, 2009


Not much sewing this week--more this weekend. I decided to buy some thread. Last time I went out to get a spool of thread it cost about $6.00, and was only 274 yards. I read Leah's blog and sometime ago she mentioned that she uses Essential Thread and loves it. I am trying to be frugal, and the thread is pretty inexpensive ($7.99 for 5000 yards) that I'm taking a chance. I ordered 4 cones of neutral to piece with and a color set for quilting--or just to have because they're pretty! They're already in the mail, once I sew with them, I'll let you know what I think.


1 comment:

Joyce said...

I'll be curious to see how you like it. I often find that the thread costs more than the fabric in a quilt, esp a scrap quilt. I'll be ordering some if you recommend it.


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