Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quilting Design for Duvet

This is the pattern that I chose for the quilting on my colorwash Irish Chain. It is hibiscus if you can't tell. I had the top stitched to a sheet, and I'm going to use this for the top of my duvet cover. I've made a couple over the years. The first one was a roman stripes top. That lasted a long time, but finallly the top edge started coming apart (I'm guessing about 10 years). Then, while I was in Germany I made a simple cover from two sheets. That's the one we're still using--so it's been about 5 years. It's still fine, but its boring.

This one (I'll get a whole picture soon and post it) goes well with the colors we used in the bedroom. I love the sky blue in the bedroom and the blues in this one match, or at least harmonize with the color of the ceilling in the bedroom. I have to come up with a headboard cover too. Right now it's black, and that just won't do with this top. I made the headboard and covered it with a solid black fabric because the fabric I covered it with was Amish colors, so black underneath made sense. Now I have to come up with something different. I still have some of the fabrics I used in the top above, so maybe I can use that to make the new headboard cover.

I avoided quilting the baby quilt last night after work. Let's see if I actually get it done for the Spring finish.



Marilyn said...

What a pretty quilting pattern! And wow to the quilter!

Margo said...

Very nice!! wonderful color


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