Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buddy the Cat

Sorry about nothing going on. We had a scare last night. Buddy (the cat) was limping a lot, he's 13 and we thought maybe some joint pain. Later in the evening he sort of flopped over and wouldn't move. If he did try, he yowled when he walked on his left hind leg. I was convinced he was not long for this world, so was a mess. He wouldn't get up, even to eat and that's SERIOUS. We've had him for all of his life, he's gone with us to Germany--lived in a friend's basement with us, and just been an all around great cat.

We took him to the vet today (I was expecting I wouldn't bring him home) and he got an exam and x-rays. The doc thinks it is an acute bout of arthritis in his left hip. Whew! He still isn't walking , but he got a shot and I hope will be able to walk without the acute pain he had last night. He still isn't getting up to eat, but ate when I brought him food. I may just have to baby him for a couple of days.

Buddy is MUCH better. He is walking without a limp, jumping up and down from the bed, eating and drinking! Yay!



Dolores said...

I'm wondering if they make cat food with glucosamine. I know they have dog food with it and it is recommended for senior dogs and that's what we give to Baxter. I have two senior cats but have never had to look into whether there was a cat food that had glucosamine. I hope your little Buddy gets to feeling better soon.

Lindi said...

He's a beautiful cat! Hope his pain eases quickly.

Debby said...

I'm glad Buddy is OK. It is amazing how attached we get to our pets, huh?

I like your hydranga quilt too. Nice job on the border.

By the way, tell Joe he looks great!

Anonymous said...

I hope he is feeling better. poor kitty, I would be lost with out my cat and dog. They are family. xxx

Bon said...

Buddy is a beautiful KittyKat!! Hope he is much better.


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