Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow Day!

I know most of you are probably enjoying a day other than mine. Outside it's snowing, and we are predicted to have between 1 to 2 feet in the next couple of days. So, I've decided to take this chance to organize my sewing room a bit. I need to clean up the edges. I still have more stuff than will fit (at least in the current configuration) so I'm finding new places besides under the sewing machine, or the ironing board, or piled on top of the books.... well, you get the idea.

I'm going to start with the books.

I don't have a gazillion, but I have plenty. So I'm going to list them all in my computer, with a bit of information for each--that way, when I want to do something other than browse, I might be able to find the one thing I found before, but have no idea where I saw it.



Dolores said...

Good for you, getting organized like that. I can't ever do that since I have way too much stuff.

Marilyn said...

You've got some good books. Good idea to make a list on the computer. I was looking for the rotary cutting instructions for a double pinwheel just the other day and found the book the day after I stumbled through my way. Rats!


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