Monday, March 23, 2009

Followers, Home Projects and a New Spin Cycle

Lindi of Quilty Threads asked me to add a followers section to my blog, so she would know when I posted. I'm a little self-conscious about doing this, as if I expect someone to want to read my blog, but what the heck, I'm nothing if not accommodating, so there you go Lindi!

The hubby is home from work today (I have all week off for spring break) so we did some more work around the house. We still don't have his office and the TV room ready, so we moved junk from those rooms so we can work on them. Oh, and what joy we had on Saturday--the bathroom sink was clogged, but when the hubby tried to remove the p-trap the pipe broke, so out with old and in with the new. The bathroom is going to have a complete remodel (this summer or maybe earlier) and we pulled out the cabinet that had been built in around 1960 and put in a newer smaller version. Some of the old is still there (we need the storage) but soon it will be better. At least we have a sink again.

Thank goodness for the sawzall--that cabinet would not have come out of the bathroom in one piece, so into pieces it went, then into bags, and today to the dump. It's not hanging around outside somewhere waiting for something to happen with it, and that feels good. You can see in the last picture that the new cabinet is very narrow--the space is also very narrow so now there is quite a bit more room. Neither the hubby nor me is small, so having a bit more space comes in quite handy.

And for some quilty news, I have decided the next project (I know you were waiting with bated breath). I'm going to do another spin cycle. I bought the fabrics quite a while ago and I bought them for this project.
I forget which of the "solids" I bought for which part of the quilt, but it won't take long to figure it out, I just have to look to see how much I have of each. The pattern for the quilt can also be found on Bethany Reynolds website. Just click on the "free download" link and you'll have it. The colors of the fabrics above aren't exactly right. The actual colors are a bit softer. It's actually a bit of a departure from my bold colors, though you can't tell from the picture. Here, I've played with the saturation a bit--this is closer to the actual colors.
I think I'll leave them both in so you can get an idea of how "off" the colors can be.



Lindi said...

mmm like those colours.
Thanks for the "followers". See, you have 3 already!

Joyce said...

I really like the fabrics you have chosen, esp the blue floral.


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