Thursday, March 26, 2009

All the blocks

Here are all the blocks. I can't seem to get the colors right. There is lots of light from the window, but it's snowing outside so it doesn't quite do justice to the colors. I don't know enough about photography to be able to adjust the colors to get them just right, but this is close. Next comes the sashing--I thought I bought pink for the center, but its a nice lavender. So, cream lavender, cream. The cornerstones will be pink though. I better get to it if I want to get this top done this week. I'll post more progress later.



Debby said...

This is going to be a beautiful top. I'd love to see what the original fabric looked like--do you have any left to show us? I think I would have trouble figuring out a good pattern for a stack n whack.

Debby said...

Never mind about my last comment...I went down further and found the fabric. I'm so embarassed!

Polly and Meek said...

If only I knew how to create such beautiful keepsakes. I have a few quilts passed down from my great-great grandmother I and wish I could make something for my children one day.

These are lovely!



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