Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Next

Here is the turtle with some pictures from Hawaii. Looking at it, I think I might add some more above in the same sort of configuration, sort of a circle effect. After looking at the photo above, I decided to switch the two bottom pictures so there wasn't so much ocean on the right. I can't get a very good picture of this because it is on a wall the is next to a 4 foot walkway, so I can't get far enough away. I have to go down a couple of steps and shoot up at it.

I decided against the spin cycle this week, I'm going to work on another kit I bought last year, called Under the Story Sea by Ruth Powers. We bought a brass turtle "petroglyph" last year, and I'll think I'll use this as the background for the turtle. I don't know if I'll quilt it, or use it as a mat. Once it's done I'll figure it out.

Well, I was going to work on the wall hanging, but I can't find the fabric, so it's back to the spin cycle. Must be a sign!


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