Sunday, March 1, 2009

Turtles Quilted

The quilting is done, now I just have to put the binding on. I am going to be hanging it, so I will use the triangle corner pockets and a couple of bands on the back to hold the rod. I just sort of played around with the quilting--the setting corners are kind of seaweed with turtles and around the turtles I used nylon tread and echo quilting. I hope when I hang it the back doesn't show--it's warm pink with blue and blue dots with green circles in them--I won't show you.

The back isn't very flat, but that's OK because it's going to be against the wall. I'm not sure why it bunched, but I'll live with it.
This picture shows you one of the turtles echo quilted. The triangle at the bottom isn't quilted in this picture, but I used nylon thread and outlined a turtle, then echo quilted there too. I'll get a picture once it's hung.


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