Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drunkard's Path notes

I realized after I wrote a reply to Marilyn, that the drunkard's path quilt used a number of quilting items that had remained unused used for a long time or never used. I used the template set for the quilt blocks for the very first time. The templates are acrylic, very nicely cut, but they have this dumb square handle that is just in the way. You have to apply pressure to templates when you are cutting fabric, or the template slips, and I can't with these because of the handle. I also used my curve master foot that I've had for about 2 years. Well, actually it's a new foot, because the adapter for my Bernina broke, and it is unique to the curve master, not to Bernina, and I used hand-dyed fabric from 2002 that I bought from Ricky Tims when my guild had a class from him. I think that's pretty good for one project.

I'm sewing the binding on the turtles wall hanging, and next I plan to sew it on the Chinese Tiles quilt and then SEND IT OFF! My niece has waited long enough, I think.

I am considering sandwiching and quilting a QOV next, the Greek Keys quilt that has been done for a while.

Marilyn (mentioned above) also sent me to her quilt blog of the week--of a Romanian quilter named Geta. On her blog she made mention of a cool site that generates a palette of colors from a photo you upload. I am such a geek that I like stuff like this and had to try it. Geta challenged her readers to use that palette as a basis for a quilt. I think I might try that, and try to quilt outside my comfort zone. But for the moment, I tried it with this picture and it came up with this palette. Love it!



Joyce said...

Did you like the curvemaster foot? I have read about it and was wondering if it was worth the investment. I love the drunkard's path. I made a rail fence in similar colors for my first full sized quilt.

Anonymous said...

If you will send me your shipping address I will send you a free sample of a Drunkard's Path template set. Check our web site and let me know what size you want.

Richard Michell
From Marti Michell Products
Michell Marketing, Inc.

Marilyn said...

Mary, don't you just love Geta's site? Wow, I don't blame you for being leary of the comment sent from Marti Michell Products. How strange! Wonder how that happened.

Lindi said...

I like that palette! The photo is really lovely too. It looks so cool and peaceful. Very inviting.


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