Sunday, March 22, 2009

Turtles wallhaning is up!

Here is the turtle wallhaning on the wall. I decided I wasn't going to put it in my bedroom--this is in the walkway/hallway between the front of the house and our bedroom. The wall is a pale green. I am going to print out pictures from our Hawaii trip and put them around this--I think that will be fun. We're still putting away stuff from boxes and I found a bunch of Ikea glass frames (4x6) so I just need to print and put up and I won't have to find a storage place for the frames--yay!

This is the back of the quilt. I wasn't going to buy fabric, and this sits against the wall, so who will know what the fabric is. I have to say, I picked something that I wouldn't use in anything else. I hung the hanging by putting triangles in the corners and a tab in the center. That's a 3/8" oak dowel (I picked up the pine first, but they weren't straight and they weren't solid). I cut the dowel to length, then slipped it in through the tab and into the corner pockets, put two push pins in the wall (using a level of course) et voila!



Joyce said...

It's beautiful. I really like your hanging method.

Lindi said...

The turtle quilt looks fabulous! Great idea to hang photos around it.

The Faerie Queen said...

Hi, I was led here by Lindi, lovely blog and such beautiful quilts. I will be trying out your hanging method xxx


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