Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just need binding

I love the way both of these quilts look. The dragonflies pattern on the spin cycle is great, and the meander is cool too. I had them quilted and they do such a great job on set up and follow through. These are machine guided, and so well done.

Now on to the bindings--hope I get them done today, because I leave for California on Thursday--on my way to the Sisters quilt show with my sister (how appropriate).



Marilyn said...

Your quilts look great. And what fun to go to Sisters with your sister! Looking for your post when you return.

ozjane said...

Fascinating...Lindi sent me here and this is the second different name in two days to what we/I call Kaleidoscope blocks.
I bought a set, pre cut from "Avalon Blooms"
Is this similar.
The one I found yesterday was done with a hexagon which could get me a use for the 3 pkt of different sizes I had to have and have never used.
However there is a new product by Lixian Newman
it is called a stitch regulator. I am not sure about the $48 AU but apparently it is mega good for sewing hexagons together without paper and as Lixian says ...why have paper. And it is also used for QAYG joining.
I read about it in the current issue of The quilter's companion.
this gives a bit of a look inside
I have no affiliations but it would be a good time for you folks to subscribe while the AU $ is still fairly low.
I did not mean to write a thesis!


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