Friday, July 18, 2008


Here's the Booty

I'm home and the most recent thing to be done is unpacking and checking how much I really spent--way too much! But I got some really cool fabric, a book I have been wanting (and a couple I didn't know I wanted). We did our own little shop hop up the central valley of California, and then added Bend Oregon to the list. Let's see if I can remember them all.
  • Lancaster, California-JoAnn Fabrics-- forgot a ruler I needed, didn't find it but did find "One Block Wonders" I've picked this book up and put it down many times, I finally bought it, after all I did have a 40% off coupon. Also bought some thread
  • Atascadero, California Sew Fun--I didn't buy anything but a cool little shop.
  • Fresno, California Hancock Fabric-needed a ruler I left at home, bought another one I didn't have.
  • Hilmar California Sew Central Quilt Works--beautiful hand dyed fabric for $8 per yard! I bought 4 fat quarter bundles.
  • Cloth and Quilts in Turlock California--nice little shop. My sister found a pattern for oriental fabrics and bought quarter yards along the way, she found some here. (I still resisted) I think it was 104 while we were there.
  • Chico California--The Rabbit Hole where I bought the shirt fabric and Honey Run Quilters where I bought the Strata Various book--no more fabric.
  • Next was Redding California and Sew What-- this is where I bought fabric from Fabri-Quilt called "The Wave".It seems the fabric is no longer available, but you can see a picture here. I love this fabric!
  • Klamath Falls Oregon was the next stop--Kate's Quilted Rooster -- A shop in an old storefront--can't remember what is was, but the only sign you have is on the marquee. I bought some very cool rock fabric here--red and blue. I would have bought it in many colors, but that's all there are.
Our next stop was Bend, Oregon. We arrive about 8:00, so went to bed without shopping in Bend. We took a class on Wednesday, but shopped that afternoon at
  • BJ's Quilt Basket--I almost resisted, but decided I would start collecting dragon fly fabric. They had a fun one there so I bought a yard.
The next day we went into Sisters. We thought it would be better not to try to get in the store during the quilt show.
  • The Stitchin' Post is a nice store, too. We didn't even attempt to go in on Saturday. I held off here--no purchasing.
  • On the way back into Bend we decided we had to visit the other store, Sew Many Quilts. It doesn't have a web site, it might be too new. The store had a bus parked in front of it, and a store full of quilters. It was Friday. We didn't spend much time there and went off to the last store in Bend
  • Mountain Country Mercantile Fabric. They don't seem to have a web site either. A really large store--where I bought another book "Accidental Landscapes" and a few more pieces of fabric, including another dragonfly fabric.

After the show we continued to sew--we got home Sunday night so had time to finish. I finished the top, minus the borders and also finished a shirt for Joe. I bought the fabric on the way up to Sisters in a town called Chico. I know most of people think it is a bit whacko, but the hubby loves it. I finished it before I got home--buttons and everything.

I'm going to be making some shopping bags for my sister and one of my sisters in law. I think it will be fun. I certainly have enough fabric to do about 2 million or so. I bought some webbing for the handles yesterday (yes, more fabric purchasing aacckkk!) and I am going to just do a simple bag. I found a very cool site that has a set of links to many fabric shopping bags. I'm not really going to use a pattern, I just used them to get the approximate size for the bags.


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Marilyn said...

Glad your husband likes his shirt. I was hoping it was quilting fabric. Of course, if he ever got tired of it. Snip, snip. You are a "Speedie Gonzales"! I got to go on a quilt retreat Mon.-Wed. this week. So much fun!


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