Monday, July 28, 2008

Not a whole lot of sewing going on

Plans for the built in shelves in the bedroom nook

Well, let's see what I have accomplished in the last week or so. Hmmm, cut holes in a log cabin (mine), bought and painted trim for the new windows, put up a 2x2 frame for the drywall in the
sewing room.Bought and put together a drill press. Designed a built in for the bedroom nook, bought the wood and had it cut to 10" strips. Surely I've done more than that--moved all the junk out of the sewing room (to be), moved all the stuff out of Joe's office, put up an outdoor shade, moved lots of stuff from the tool room. Tore down all the ceiling tiles in the sewing room. All the moving was necessary to have room to have the windows put in and then put up the drywall. All of this was accomplished with the help of the hubby, of course.

And, for all of you who want to know, here is a pictorial of installing new windows in a log cabin. Some of the pictures are from one room, and some from the other, but both windows started out the same size and ended up the same size.

Take out the old window, cut the opening to the new size, sometimes through the spikes that hold the logs together, patch the part that is too high from the old window, install the new. We still have to trim both inside and outside.

I'll get back to sewing sometime soon--I hope.


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Marilyn said...

Sorry, that you're not getting to sew. But wow you have been busy working on your house! Looking good! I was looking at your Flicker thingy and you've made a lot of quilts, girl!


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