Sunday, October 26, 2008

Suitable for Framing

I've stopped working on the Quilt for an Hour for a while. A friend's daughter is sick and in the hospital so I decided she needed a quilt. It's based on Suitable for Framing. Here is a picture of what I've completed so far. The young lady I'm making it for is in her mid-teens and has a bedroom that features lime green, purple, pink and blue. The colors aren't exactly true here, but you get the idea. The white looking fabric in the upper right is actually a light teal. When it's daylight, I'll take a picture that hopefully has more accurate color.

Here's what the whole quilt will look like--though obviously in other colors.

By the way, on the Quilt for and Hour, I've decided to leave the peach squares in the middle and the blue on the outside. With the blue outside, I don't even see the weird square anymore. Thanks to all of you who shared your opinion


1 comment:

Miss 376 said...

I am sure she will be delighted with this quilt, really cheer her up


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