Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A bit more progress

I'm finally going to get this quilt for an hour done. They're not sewn together yet, and they're not placed where they'll go,but I like these blocks. All the fabrics are batiks, and there's that one bit on the second star down, second from the right that has a blue square that I'm really noticing. I don't know if I am going to replace it or not, but right now it's bugging me--does it bother you too?



Lindi said...

I didn't notice until you mentioned it, but now, my eye keeps going back to it.
If you find it rankles, replace it now otherwise you'll always notice it and wish you had replaced it. Ask me how I know! lol

Anonymous said...

Mary, I finally found the square that you are referring to. I think it blends in with the other squares just fine. Love the batiks.

Mary said...

I think I'll live with that one a bit and see if it's still making me notice it, if so, I'll change it, if not, I'm good.

Thanks for your help.


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