Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still Making Progress

I'm almost there. Here are some current pics so you can see what I am up to. This is the current state of affairs, so not beautiful--just real.

Here is a more recent shot of the closet. You can see I unearthed some more fabric, I think that's all now. I've looked through all the bins and I think that's it. (Oh, wait, I packed up lots of fabric before I went to Germany in 2003--I wonder what's in those boxes. We still haven't brought them out of storage--hmmm, that must mean more to come.)

This is where I am going to put 2 floating shelves for books and other stuff. The ironing board will have to have a home, but I don't know where yet--there's no room in the closet.

Here is the cutting table with bins below. Those mostly contain project fabrics, notions, strips, and some other miscellaneous bits and pieces. The striped wall behind the cutting table will have my design wall on it. I think I'm going to string a cable from wooden wall to wooden wall and then put rings with clips to hold the design wall and quilts when I want to take pictures. I can step out the door to get far enough away to take pics of bigger quilts.

Here is the wall with my computer and the pictures I just frames. Those are the old windows from this room. As you can see, there is still a need for straightening, but almost there, almost time to sew again.


1 comment:

Lindi said...

The room is looking so lovely! I can imagine what a joy it will be working in there. So cheery and uplifting.


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