Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another start...and finish!

I bought some fabric when I went to Sisters--a 5 yard pack of coordinating fabric. I started yesterday and finished the quilt today. They are not my colors, but I think my SIL will like them (at least I hope she will).

It's simple, and the back and batting are a polyester blanket I bought. It's very soft and feels wonderful. I just quilted around the blocks--I figure that will do just fine, they're 8" blocks, so not too big. I pulled the back over to the front for the binding. I think she'll like it just fine.

I was fabric shopping one day with her when I was visiting California and she felt the Minkee and loved it. She is often cold, so I thought this might be fun to snuggle in while she is watching TV. I'm going to send it (or bring it, if we go) for Christmas.

I'm feeling very accomplished because I started, and finished it--YIPPEE!

I also did some work on a colorwash Irish chain top this weekend that I am making into a duvet cover. I have two more borders to put on, then I am going to "quilt" it with no batting so that the top isn't too strained when it used with the down comforter. I had a picture of it somewhere, I remember taking pictures, but I can't find it now, so here are some quick pictures. It is 94 x 94 and kind of hard to get a good picture of--I don't have a design wall at the moment, so I hung it from the hutch will bulldog clips. You can only see one of the borders, but you get the idea.

These colors are actually closer to true. The sun is just about down and I can't get a good picture indoors very well. I'm going to try to get the other two borders on, and then see about what I might use for the backing. I might just buy a sheet--that should hold up well--maybe I'll get two sheets, one for the "backing" and the other for the back of the duvet.



Marilyn said...

You really clicking off the finishes now. Great job! I'm having a giveaway at my blog to celebrate my 100th post. Leave a comment as per instructions and you're entered to win. Tell your friends.

Lindi said...

The top quilt is very pretty, I hope your SIL likes it. The blue colourwash is more my colour way, though. It's gorgeous! I love the quilt in the previous post, too.


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