Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quilt for an Hour--more sewing.

I have been sewing a bit on the Quilt for an Hour from Judy Laquidara. It's not the current one, but from the Spring. I put it in a 12/12 drawer and all the pieces stayed together. That made starting again much easier. I think I only have 6 more blocks to sew together (well, and those that are above the sewing machine). By the way, if you're wondering, the wide blue tape on my sewing machine holds the bed of the sewing machine on. I have a machine with a bed that allows easy sewing of armholes, etc. so this extra one goes on. Unfortunately, in the past 2o years the little plastic bits have broken off, so I hold it together with tape. I suppose I could go t a Bernina store and see if they could fix it--what a thought.

I think I will be able to finish it sometime this week (well the top anyway)


1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Your QFAH looks great. Like the colors. I really like her current QFAH. I'm printing off her instructions every day so I can make it when I get caught up. Yes, it will happen.


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