Sunday, October 5, 2008

Molding is done--Yippee!

The new banner is from a picture I took a couple of weeks ago--they're asters, also know as Michaelmas daisies (learned that in church last week, we're the church of St. Michael, and we just had our feast day--asters bloom in late September, early October--hence Michaelmas daisies). I like them!

Well, here is proof, that if you just keep at it long enough, things do get done. We put in the crown molding, with just a bit of psychic pain, and then in the evening, the floor molding. The window molding and corner molding are next, but I think they are going to wait a while.

This is a picture I took yesterday outside the back door. The colors this year are lasting a long time. I thought this might be an inspiration for a quilt--don't know how yet--maybe just the wash of colors. I love yellow, but almost never quilt with it, maybe I'll have to see about doing something with fall colors in Colorado.

I've also framed a couple of the photos my honey bought me for my birthday in June--I feel so HGTV--I used the widow frame from the previous window in the room, and then made it a floating frame by using glass that was previously in the storm windows on the outside of the window. I even had to cut the glass, and did! There is one more photo, but it is printed in portrait style, so I'll put it in it's own frame. The two will go on the wall you can see above, I just have to figure out how to up them up safely--they're pretty heavy. I love the photos, they are by a New Zealand artist called Martin Hill. His photos really move me. So, now I have beauty outside, and inside.



Marilyn said...

Your room is finishing up very nicely. Yellow is my favorite color also. I was thinking of painting one of my bathrooms with stripes like you have. How did you get the stripes so straight?

Lindi said...

I like the way you have displayed the photos. Very clever and original!


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