Monday, August 31, 2009

What's on My Design Wall 8-31-09

Here it is with the fabrics, instead of a mock-up. I'm liking it. I like the little bit of green, gives it a nice zing. I also made the outside border a bit narrower than was called for in the pattern. It was just too much with a wider outer border. This is a mystery quilt, and I've always avoided them, because you never know what you are going to get in the end. Because of how well I like this one, I may do another one (mystery that is) one day.

I went out yesterday and bought five pieces of fleece for backings. I've decided I really like the fleece. It's cuddly and warm. It may not be regulation for quilting, but there are no police here, and I've gotten good reviews on the fleece backs I've put on so far. I am much more likely to make tops into quilts when I use fleece. Since the idea of this whole thing is to have fun, and then share the fun by giving the quilts away, it works for me.



Dawn-Marie said...

What a great looking quilt. You would never know that was a mystery quilt.

knitnoid said...

Great job on your quilt. Whose's mystery pattern did you use?

swooze said...

Great quilt. What mystery group is this from?

Brenda said...

I personally, like doing mystery's!! I think it is the adventure of not knowing and the surprise at the end!! Uh, as long as the 'surprise!!' is a good one, then it's even more fun!! When the surprise is - 'oh my....', then it's a quilt for someone who won't know I didn't like it!! But I have done mystery's with friends, so none of us knew what it was - and it was a great time.
I am glad you are going to do another mystery or two!! (I know you didn't say two, but I am just planting the seed!!)
I have not used fleece for backings - do you still use batting?? They would be warm. And soft!! And I am glad you are doing it- flannel used to be frowned upon when used in a quilt and now look at us!! I love flannel on my quilts!!!
I like the quilt top you've shown today too. I am glad you gave it a try and enjoyed the outcome!!

call me crazy said...

Looks great Mary! I love the little green in the border. :-)

Tamela said...

Hi Mary!
Could you give me some information as to how it is to work with the fleece backings?
Are you putting it on a quilting frame or doing it on a home machine.
Does the fleece wash well? and hold up over time?
Thanks in advance for your info!

Debby said...

I like it too. You've convinced me about using fleece for backing also. I think I would finish more quilts also because it takes so much less time, and you're right they are warm and soft!

Allie said...

That bit of green really does add spice to it - I love it. And I love the idea of fleece on the back. Does it stretch at all while you quilt it? I've never tried using it.


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