Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick Trip

I didn't know I was going shopping, though I did know I was going to Grand Junction. It's a 5 1/2 hour drive. I went with my husband because he was giving a 1 1/2 hour talk. Hmmmm, 11 hours of driving for 1 1/2 hours of talking. He says he's not going to do it again. Anyway, I had some time on my hands, and I was there with a car, so found a couple of hours on my hands so decided to look up some quilt shops on the internet and visit them.

I found Quilters Corner--a very nice quilt shop. It happened to very busy because of a CQC (Colorado Quilters Council) meeting that was happening near by. I found the dragonfly and two greeny stripy fabrics there. I'm collecting greens because I have an idea for a quilt. Of course by the time I get around to it I'll probably have enough green to make 5 quilts. I also love dragonflies, but don't have an idea for a quilt yet. It will come when I have enough, or when I sit down with the fabric and play some. I also bought the books. The first one is new to me, but I spent a bit of time reading it, and I think it's going to be lots of fun.

I have wanted to make a storm at sea quilt for a very long time. I am collecting directions, but haven't made one yet. This book looks like it might push me to actually make one. I hope so. I haven't read much of it yet, but hope it will inspire me.

The other fabrics I bought just because I like them. I love bright clear colors and love to use black as a neutral. The stripes and the black batik fit there. The tape measure fabric is just for fun. Don't know what I'll do with it yet, but I think I saw it online as a bag, I think a bag for rulers and stuff.

Well, Since yesterday at 2:00 I drove 600 miles and went shopping--not much sewing though. That can happen tomorrow.



Vicki said...

Funny how we do this too. We went to Estes Park a couple of weekends ago and found Maggie Mae's. This shop was so fun and she was a pleasure to hear stories from. Can you help me with some other LQS here in Colorado since we just moved here in March. I love the idea of greens, I think it will be beautiful.

Allie said...

That's a LOT of driving!!!!! Love the fabrics you found. And oh that first book, I've been hunting our local libraries for it - the quilt on the cover is similar to what I'd like to try.
I love Storm at Sea quilts, but I'd never have the confidence to make one. Such a gorgeous pattern.
Six hundred miles. My goodness, Mary. Get some good rest tonight!

Joyce said...

I have been looking at the Jean Wells book online and wondering if it's worth the money. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it.
You could use the tape measure fabric to make a belt. Lol.

Marilyn said...

Shopping is so fun! AND new books mean new ideas.


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