Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Much

Not much up. Haven't sewn in a couple of days.I did sew on the top and bottom borders for the jelly beans quilt. I was looking for a fleece for the backing, and thought I found one at JoAnn. It was yellow and filthy, so I ended up not getting it. When I got home, I found the fleece for another quilt (a turquoise blue) and I think it will work for the jelly beans as well. I just was throwing stuff around, and I looked up later ans saw this. I think they look pretty good together.

I volunteered to do the guild newsletter, that's done for the month. I'm working on a website, got a bit more to do there. I've been reading blogs (that I can handle).

If you're interested, twiddletails is having a give-away for her 500th blog post. It's a pretty cool organizer. I imaging most of us have lots of little stuff that could go in there. Speaking of twiddletails. I just got the last batch of 9-patches that I swapped. Here they are on the design wall. I think I'll just use white sashing, and call it a day.



call me crazy said...

Hi Mary~ looks like you have been busy! I really like your Jelly Beans quilt. :-) And the 9 patches are very cute! Have fun~

Marilyn said...

Very productive knowing that you have adjusted to "back at work". Best wishes for taking on your guild's newletter. I do our scrapbook for my quilt club and I am waaay behind. I have been working on flyers for our guild and the quilting club I belong to for upcoming donation quilt ads to go along with raffle tickets.

Allie said...

That blue fleece is so pretty! And I love your 9-patches. I'm behind reading blogs too - we need longer days.

Joyce said...

Those two fabrics look fabulous together!


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