Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jelly Beans

Anybody hungry? I think these colors are great. I'm glad I finally found a pattern that would look good. I have been looking for a while, but everything was too...blah. These are pretty fast and easy to make. I am making them according to my plan, so have 18 finished, you'll notice I only have two different fabrics in the centers so far, I have 3 more sets of 9 to do, then I'll be done and ready to put them together.


Dolores said...

Are those 12 inches in length? This evening I just came across a pattern I printed off the net that looks like that because I wanted to make it.

Allie said...

Love the pattern and love the colors!!!! Making me hungry, lol....I haven't had Jelly Belly's in a long time, and they're my favorite!~


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