Sunday, August 30, 2009

Border Selection

The border above is kind of what is called for in the pattern. It seems I am constitutionally unable to follow a pattern exactly.

However, when I looked at the first one, the print border just seemed too "there". I thought, perhaps with some of the blue (but I really like that narrow strip of green~oh, well keep that in then). I ended up with the border above and I like it lots. The inner green is going to be about 3/4" to 1" (I think it might need to be 3/4". The blue is about 2" and the print border about 3"-4". I'll need to play with the widths a bit, but I like the look...a lot.



Allie said...

Oh yes, I love it with the blue - ties it together even more! Perfect!

Dolores said...

Oh Mary. You are so right. The blue border just makes the quilt.

Joyce said...

I like your version better. I can never follow a pattern totally either.


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