Friday, June 19, 2015

Done Enough!

This is the kitchen table. Do you notice what's on it? NOTHING! I have dealt with all the fabric and stuff that was on it. I must admit a lot of it was just stuffed on the bookshelves, but I'll get to them later.

I have to tell you, this was a long process. I started on the 9th, and 10 days later I'm done with the fabric portion. I still have lots of organizing and deciding to do, but I need to get some sewing done so I feel like I actually accomplished something. I guess it's my reward.

This is what the room looks like now.
The fabric closet. I actually have put a few more things in the lowest cubes, but only a few.
Just to the right of the fabric closet.  The pictures move around the room to the right.
Still unorganized, but I can do that relatively easily (I hope.)

My view when I sit at the sewing machine.
The Bailey's quilter. I butted it up against my cutting table so I have room for the quilt, and room behind to sit.
The design wall, and the small brown table thing is my treadle machine. 
And the fabric closet, with the new curtains closed.

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Allie-oops Designs said...

WOW Mary!!!! I love love love that huge space for quilting and cutting. Your room looks amazing! Love your view too, and the curtains on the closet - I have a vintage chenille bedspread as a curtain for mine, lol! Curtains take up less room than doors, you have to be able to open them, lol. I'm also envious of your kitchen table - mine hasn't seen sewing projects for years, but it's my youngest son's computer desk now. You're making great use of your space. Do you ever use your treadle? One of those is on my "someday when I have room" list.


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