Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I got the shelves, now I need to purge and figure out how to fit everything where it belongs so I can keep it neat. The first step is take all of the fabric out and look at each piece to decide if I want it, and if I do, how I will store it so I can find it and put it back when I am done.
I didn't get a picture before I took anything out, but here it is with most of the fabric and stuff still in the closet. You can see I have each cubby stuffed full.

Here is all the fabric from the top section on the kitchen table (with my pressing board put into service to hold the extra). I don't know if it looks like much here, but it is a bit embarrassing. Now to go through each piece and decide if it brings me joy and if I want to keep it. I also want to turn the cubbies in the closet sideways so instead of stacking the fabric I stand it on its side like a book so I can access it more easily and put it away more easily.

Now, to start!

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Allie-oops Designs said...

Well I'm impressed, lol! And thinking maybe I should tidy too - had to move several boxes to get to my crayons tonight. No, I'm not reverting to my childhood, lol....just coloring on fabric!


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