Friday, June 5, 2015

Need More Storage...or more room

North Wall
Allie suggested I look for more storage by going up. I guess I'd have to reconfigure lots of stuff because I already have most of my walls full.  I haven't used them to their full extent I don't think. I also have many bins under the cutting table.

The possible solution is to get rid of some stuff. OH NO!

Anyone have any clever and inexpensive suggestions to my storage problems?
East Wall
South Wall

West Wall

under table storage

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Allie-oops Designs said...

Wow - ok - your walls are full. But Mary, getting rid of stuff is NOT AN OPTION, lol.

You may want to check into kitchen cupboards - that's my goal in my room, they hold so much and if you take them to the ceiling, you'll keep floor space free. Keep an ear out for anyone remodeling their kitchen. Are you on pinterest at all? You can search "storage" or "craft room storage" for some really great ideas. I know I said my room is smaller than yours - but I have to confess, the hallway holds my bins of fabric.


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