Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quilting Problems and Other Stuff

I am trying to quilt with the new Bailey's and the bobbin thread kept breaking. I finally figured out that I had threaded it incorrectly. After I fixed that I played around with the tension while sewing through cotton fabric. Got that right, but now, when I try to quilt it keeps breaking. The quilt I am working on is backed with Minkee (or a Minkee knock-off) and that may be the problem. I've been researching online and it seems that for some reason quilting machines are much more touchy about fabric/thread/needle combinations. My Bernina will happily work with just about any combination so I guess I'm spoiled. I'll work more on it tomorrow, and if I can't quilt this one on the Bailey's I'll just finish it on the Bernina. I just called Bailey's and have changed to a quilt sandwich instead of just fabric. It works fine, so the problem is the Minkee....drat.

I've been gone since the 25th. I went camping with some of my family in California. It was wonderful to see everyone, but a little ironic that I drove 17 hours so I could spend time in the mountains: driving from the Rockies, across the desert to the Sierras. Spending time with family was worth it though. Two of my brothers and my sisters were there with their spouses. My two brother's kids were all there with their kids, and my sister's son came for a few days. We had some in-laws there as well, so altogether about 35 people. The weather was nice, mostly in the 80s. It was interesting to leave Colorado early morning at 51 degrees and that afternoon arrive in Las Vegas at 114 degrees. Yikes! People go to Las Vegas on purpose at this time of year, and then they go outside in that heat. Not for me!

Before I left I sewed a shirt for my nephew, an apron for my niece and some bags to share.
 I'm planning two baby quilts. The one with the Minkee on the back is for my niece whose baby is due in September and another for my niece-in-law whose son (after three daughters--daddy is thrilled) is due in November.   I got the top done and it is based on ,A Walk in the Park (it's free but you might have to register to get it.) It's going to have a border with white and one of the colors from the quilt, probably the blue.
I've linked to Judy's blog.


Paula, the quilter said...

My Handi Quilter S16 balks at Minkee too. OTH, I have no problems using cotton fabric on top and regular fleece on the back.

swooze said...

Love the baby quilt. Thanks for the link!

Allie-oops Designs said...

That's a bummer that it's sensitive to Minkee - I wonder why??? That's a LOT of people to camp with, it sounds so fun! Too funny about leaving the mountains to go camp in the mountains. You should have them come to you. That heat would have killed me, lol, although we are planning a trip to Texas in August....NUTS...but the boys have bought their tickets, they're paying for the motel and rental car, I'm just along to do the driving. LOVE the shirt you made, the great bags and that cute quilt!

Kate said...

Wow, that's quite a crew! Lots of fun projects in your sewing room this week.


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