Saturday, July 25, 2015

Guest Bed Update

We have a guest room that is seldom used for guests, but we want to be sure it is available when we have folks over. The room has had my stationary bike in it, but there just isn't much room, and the linens get dirty from the cat sleeping on it and the space just can't be used for anything else.
So, we decided a Murphy bed was the answer. It was a bit more difficult than we anticipated to put it together, but not really that hard. We bought a Next Bed frame and it only took about a week to arrive. 

Having the bed hang out and just looking at the bottom isn't too fun, so we are going to put bookcases between the bed and the room. You can see there is a small alcove that holds the bed, so we'll put bookcases on a platform with wheels and move it out of the way toward the right in this picture and we'll have more storage, and cover up the bed when it is not in use. 

It will just look like bookcases, and we'll roll them out of the way. I have more room now, and that feels good.

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