Thursday, November 18, 2010

How fun is that!

This morning, we knew we would have to take a short detour because they are fixing a bridge on the only highway to town. As we came to the detour area (which happened to be on some dirt roads around a local church) there were about 10-15 people handing out glazed donuts to anyone who wanted one. I think they might have had coffee too, but I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm not sure.

I was waiting to join the line of folks turning onto the detour and someone came over to the car with two glazed donuts wrapped in a napkin (Joe was in the car too) and said "Sorry about the detour, enjoy your day." I would have thought that it was just the church folks being fun, but now I'm thinking the construction company may have paid for the donuts and members of the church handed them out. I'll never know, because no one was advertising anything, just folks handing out donuts and making my day (and probably many others') better.

Either way, thanks for a great beginning to the day.

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Wordfiend said...

what a wonderful community effort!


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