Saturday, November 20, 2010

Banner Progress

I've finally decided how to accomplish the look I want for the rays/halo around the cross. I've been futzing for a couple of days with various fabrics I bought to see what I would like. I have some very nice gold-ish silk that is really beautiful, but I found I want to see the mountains through the aurora. Using a yellow Georgette I could see the mountains. I cut out the rays to use, and it just looked dorky. I tried a white with sparkles on it. I cut a circle and then cut ray looking things from it...nope. I finally decided to look at some pictures on the internet (thank you internet) and found a piece that had lines coming from the sun for rays. That might work. I previously bought some gold 1/4" bias tape that I was going to use to outline whatever rays I ended up with, and decided I will use it. I've done a mock up of what it will sort of look like. I think it will work...I'm hoping it will work.


Allie said...

Oh Mary - this is just stunning. You're doing a beautiful job!!!

Debby said...

Both are beautiful, Mary! The banner is spectacular, and some baby is going to love all the colors in the quilt. Since you're a fly by the seat of your pants, I know something will come to you.


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