Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Professional Tote Progress

Here is the front of the bag. I've made the pocket--it zips open and you can put stuff  behind it--so it's two pockets in one. I realized after I cut the fabric, that the bottom fabric probably should have been the body of the bag...white for the bottom isn't such a great idea, but as my sister pointed out, it can be washed.

I'm doing this one step-by-step so will take pictures and report a bit at a time. That way, when I start to make the next one I'll have some memory of what I did last time and it might be a bit easier next time.


Joyce said...

I like the idea of a dual pocket. The fabric looks fine to me. It's going to be a nice one.

Allie said...

That looks great - wonderful idea to take pics of the process, I'm sure it will help!


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