Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Dyeing

I now feel better about having all of these.

They are being used for this.

I used a bunch of them. Five different colors, and I hope, light medium and dark of each color. I don't know if the yellow will look light medium and dark, but I used lemon yellow, fuchsia and turquoise as the primary colors and mixed orange (well really yellow orange), purple and green.

I didn't do a light medium and dark of the green, because I did that last week, but now I'm thinking I should. It's not too late!

Here are the 15 buckets. I think I am going to let them batch till tomorrow afternoon (unless I get too antsy and do them before I go to dinner tonight).

I've had these containers in the drawer since we moved back in the house and haven't used them till today. It has been about 3 years. Yay that I had them, though.

I also did two more 100 foot clotheslines. One is a rainbow (see above) and the other I used just the turquoise, green and purple. When I bought the clothesline this time I saw that there is some polyester in it, so that may be why it didn't dye very dark. I'll wait a bit longer today and see if it dyes more than a pastel this time.


American Made Quilting said...

It looks like a lot of fun.. I cant wait for warmer weather so i can dye more fabrics! Natalie

Anonymous said...

Mary, love your dyed clothesline rope. Can you give a detailed description of how you did the process? What brand dyes did you use, etc.

Enjoy your blog! What beautiful work!


Anonymous said...

Mary, your work is beautiful!

Can you give more complete instructions or tutorial on how you dyed the closeline rope?


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