Friday, February 26, 2010

Bowls, bowls bowls...

I have about 4 inches of the 100 feet of the clothesline left after I made these three.

I bought some more clothesline yesterday, so I'm going to dye some more. I'm thinking some yellows and oranges, and then maybe some purples. Since I have three 100 foot lengths I may also dye a rainbow.

I took some pictures while I was sewing. Enjoy!

I started all of them with a coil. This is for the oblong bowl. When I made the plain one I started with a small oval, but it soon became pretty circular. When I did the next one, I wanted to make it much more oval, so just made the first line of the clothesline much longer. Keeping the clothesline feeding to the needle from the right makes it much easier to keep from making a huge knot. You can see that the line is laying on the left, but it comes off the table between me and the sewing machine then back up on the right side of the needle.
The sides will be straight up from the base if you hold the base almost parallel to the needle. If you want a shallow wide bowl, hold the base much more away from the needle. The pictures below explain a bit more. You can click on them to enlarge them.

To make the lace edge I used a pair of tweezers and held the line with a bit of a space between it and the vessel. I kept sewing across the bowl, leaving a bit of a gap, then sewed the line down again. I did this every once in a while, then had enough line to make another round. I think this could look very fun in the side, instead of at the top!

These are fun!


American Made Quilting said...

very nice baskets! I have aways covered the cloths line.. I like the idea of not covering it. Natalie

Dolores said...

I love these bowl/baskets. What a great idea to dye the cording instead of wrapping it. Saves time.

Judy Laquidara said...

Love your bowls! I've wanted to make one for a while. Is there a book or pattern that I need to get started? Are you saying the clothesline is dyed instead of using fabric? I just realized that's maybe what you're doing!! Now I'm really excited to try this.


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