Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilting is done

Well, the top is quilted. I just need to buy some fabric for the binding. I don't have enough of the dark brown, and though I do have different greens, I think I want the binding to just disappear into the quilt and not be a statement.

I didn't have any trouble at all with the Minkee, but I did a couple of things that probably made it simpler. I had read some else's blog. She said that she quilted making sure that she didn't cross lines anywhere. I also noted the non-stretch direction and only quilted that direction. I quilted about every two inches and it came out flat and didn't stretch at all. I also made sure I sewed only one direction. In my case from the light end to the dark end all the way across the quilt. It was getting kind of bulky under the harp of the sewing machine, so I decided to try sewing from the other direction. The Minkee shifted some and though the ripples weren't horrible, I decided to take that line of stitching out and continue in just one direction.

I would use it again, but with the same constraints. I pinned about every 4 inches, and made sure that I had smoothed the two fabrics (I didn't use a batting, just the quilt top and the Minkee) only along the non-stretch direction--the length of the fabric as it came off the bolt.


Joyce said...

Thanks for the hints on quilting with minkee. I have been thinking about using some but was worried about keeping it straight on the back. Maybe I'll try some on the frame soon.

Allie said...

How pretty and soft that looks - those are great tips on working with Minkee!


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