Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One More Done

Simple (relatively) straight line quilting with Mikee for the back. Very soft and supple. I just put the binding on...did it by machine. Sewed it to the back, then brought it to the front and used a zig-zag stitch on the front to finish it. I can't remember which of the blogs I read mentioned using a zig-zag to keep the binding softer, but I decided if any quilt should have it, this one should.

This was a commission, so it's off very soon.

Next...more quilting (I think). I still have two more tops pinned and ready to quilt (well one is already partly quilted). When I finish those I'll make some more tops. Have two more great-nieces or nephews on the way.


Allie said...

Beautiful! Good for you on another great finish! So you sewed the binding to the back first....I'll have to try that next time. For my daisy curtain quilt, I sewed the binding on the front, brought it around to the back and pinned it, then went down the front again with a zigzag - it skipped a few places.
But I really like the effect. I hope I remember how you did it!

Debby said...

Very nice, Mary. Looks soft and cuddly!


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