Sunday, January 31, 2010


Rinsing out shirts and bits of fabric I dyed yesterday. I put the first shirt out to let it drip a bit before I wash it, then I had to move it and realized it was frozen. It had only been a couple of minutes, but then I looked at the temperature.

I promised my brother and his son dyed t-shirts as part of their Christmas presents. I've just got around to doing it. While I was dyeing, thought I'd do a couple of other shirts for my husband. The rainbow shirt is for my husband, of course! The blue and purlpe one next to it is for my brother.

The blue with bits of white is for my nephew. He asked if he could have a dyed shirt too, I asked what color he wanted and he was stumped for minute. He came up with blue and white, so I tried to give it to him.

I dyed 4 half-yard pieces of fabric as well. Two with orange and yellow and two with green and yellow. I had a bunch of purple dye left, so I threw in a light blue t-shirt I had. I wasn't very fond of the color, so we'll see if I like it better now.


Penny said...

I am waiting for my starter dye kit and may have to check back with you for pointers! Love the pictures - the colors along your porch/deck are so gorgeous.

call me crazy said...

How fun Mary! Love the colors! :-)

Bon said...

A beautiful frozen rainbow fabric sculpture!!

Allie said...

Wow Mary what a colorful deck you have - those look beautiful!!!!!!!


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