Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yippee, another QOV done!

Another one DONE! This one was sent out to be quilted. I have a friend that does quilting and asked in passing about a skull a crossbones pattern. She looked a while and found one, so I had to do it!Here is the pattern--it is just perfect for this one. A special request for a special soldier--I'm glad he'll be getting it soon--maybe by next week.

The backing and the label. I found the backing fabric on the flat fold table at Ben Franklins--and the label is obviously hand made. I read an article (I think it may have been on QOV website) about the psychological advantages of hand written stuff, how it makes us feel more connected. They were talking about letters, or journals I think, but I carried it over to the labels. "Thank you for your service, bless you for your sacrifice." was from a woman in a military wives organization in Germany. We lived there for two years, and they knew I sewed, so asked me to make a banner with those words on it for the Landstuhl Medical Center near Kaiserslautern. It seems perfect for these quilts.



MamaSnapped said...

You have some unique quilts! Beautiful ones. When I have more time I'm going to check out your others on flickr.

Marilyn said...

Bless you, Mary, for the QOV quilt. I know the soldier who gets it will really appreciate it. When were you in Germany? My younger sister and husband were in the Air Force and spent I think I remember three years there. Her name is Patricia White and went by Pat White probably. He is retired and they now reside in Florida.

Shannon said...

I discovered your blog on Patchwork Times and Quilting Bloggers. I particularly like the skull quilt. I've been collecting fabrics for her. I better get it made before she outgrows the phase. Who is your quilter that can do skull quilting?




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